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Skincare recommendations for an all day glow

Sabic cares for her skin for long term benefits. She has both a morning and night skin care routine. (Dani Toriumi)

Sabic cares for her skin for long term benefits. She has both a morning and night skin care routine. (Dani Toriumi)

I am a huge advocate for skin care products, always searching Sephora and New London Pharmacy’s website or spending hours in Target’s skincare aisle. Rather than splurge on different makeup products, I set aside a small amount of my work study paycheck to go towards skincare items – once they run out. My ideology is: your face lasts your whole life so it is important to take care of it for the long run. The only makeup I use is eyeliner and mascara.

After long hours of researching what steps and products to use in what order, I have created a system that I believe helps. Although the products I use tend to be on the pricey

(Dani Toriumi)

(Dani Toriumi)

side, there are other products, just as good, that do the same trick. All that matters is that you have a skincare system you feel is doing the job for your particular skin.

My skin is dry and sensitive so I focus on using products that focus on hydration. I use a four-step system: cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Step 1 Cleanser: It is very important to always clean your face of any impurities that clog your pores. There are various types of cleansers depending on your different skin type: exfoliants for oily skin to cream cleansers for dry skin. I avoid foamy products that have to be rinsed off with water, because tap water from the sink is too harsh for facial skin. Another product that is also good for removing excess makeup and impurities is a Micellar Water. I use Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk that provides the extra moisturizing my skin needs. Apply two pumps of the cleansing milk to a cotton pad, then spread it across your face. Old makeup and dirt should appear on the cotton pads.

Step 2 Toner: To remove any excess cleanser milk, I apply a toner. Toner helps clean the face and refine pores. For people who have oily or acne-prone skin, use an astringent – a toner but with more alcohol to remove excess oil. For my sensitive skin, I use the Glow Tonic from the Pixie line at Target on a cotton pad an apply throughout my face. I love how this helps even out my skin for a glowing complexion. For an astringent, I highly recommend Neutrogena’s Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent. It is cheap and effectively removes the oils and dirt in my T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Step 3 Moisturizer: For those who have dry skin, moisturizer is your friend. I use three moisturizing products: Origins Essence Lotion, a hydrating serum that leave a sticky sensation before adding a cream; Nuxe’s Crème Fraiche de Beaute light, a light cream that does not make my face feel oily after its applied; Nuxe’s Anti-Fatigue Eye-cream, a cream that helps reduce the puffiness around the sensitive eye area. All three of these products are applied to clean skin using your fingertips.

(Dani Toriumi)

(Dani Toriumi)

Step 4 Sunscreen: Of all four steps, sunscreen should be your priority and should not be skipped. Having good skin means protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays. I love using my MD Solar Science SPF 30 tinted sunscreen that both protects my skin while giving it the matte finish like a foundation.

I love having my skincare system. It makes my skin look and feel healthy, clean, and glowing. If you feel like your skincare system is working for your skin – keep doing it!

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